Type Approval

Codex FZE helps the worlds’ manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, information technology equipment, radio devices and other products to obtain Regulatory Approvals. Our teams of Experts help manufacturers and labs reduce costs and time to market in countries across the Middle East, Africa

A-Z Dedicated Support

we take your products from the initial step of determining approval requirements and the best approval strategy for your target markets, through to preparing the technical application packages. Throughout the process, we work closely with local regulatory authorities to avoid unnecessary delays and expedite procedures for a cost-effective solution

Local Presence

In Countries where approval is issue only to local entity, we can often hold certificates on behalf of clients who lack a local presence. Manufacturers value the flexibility of separating product approvals from distributors.

Local Connections

Relationships are the key to success in much of the world. Because we submit so many applications in each market, we enjoy very good professional relationships with the individuals at the regulatory agencies. We leverage these relationships to avoid unnecessary delays in processing of our clients’ applications and fix problems that may arise throughout the process.

Project Management

Throughout the process, we provide you with constant progress infromation. Our clients are with us throughout every single step with updates and periodic progress report.

Standards & Local Research

Many regulators around the world require testing to their own national standards. Codex FZE can help you receive the proper information to expedite their testing procedures.

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