• Industry: Car Repair and Fixing.
  • Description: NAFAUTO is a workshop specializing in repairing and fixing cars. They offer a variety of services to get your vehicle back on the road.
  • Website: We developed a user-friendly website for NAFAUTO to showcase their services and potentially allow customers to reach them easily

HAKCO Constructions

  • Industry: Construction (General Contracting, Steel Building Solutions)
  • Description: HAKCO Constructions is a company specializing in general contracting services. They handle projects from initial planning to completion, ensuring their clients’ specifications and requirements are met efficiently and on budget. 

AlHawai Trading

  • Industry: Medical Equipement Store
  • Description: AlHawai Trading is specialized in selling and marketing of Medical Equipments that specialized for Dentist materials
  • Website: We developed a website for AlHawai store website that let them show their products and catalogue for the customers

Al Gharib Law Firm

  • Industry: Law Firm Company
  • Description: Al Gharib Law Firm is a Law Firm company located in UAE and many other countries.
  • Website: We developed for them a modern website showing their team and the branches of law of their expertise. We occupied the site with SEO to make it easy to their clients to reach them

SPECS Academy

  • Industry: Learning Academy
  • Description: SPECS academy is located in the UK and specializes in learning and accrediting courses 
  • Website: We enhanced their ready-made website performance and made sure that their visitors will get a smooth and easy browsing experience


  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Description: Rate My Gadget (Us Codex) is our own ecommerce website



EJK Real Estate

  • Industry: Real Estate Brokers
  • Description: We built for them a one page website showcasing their business potential and the services they are providing for their clients
  • Website: We developed a one page website translated in Arabic and English to facilitate to their customer navigating between

700 Ladies Salon

  • Industry: Beauty Salon
  • Description: 700 Salon is an elegant Ladies salon located in Dubai
  • Website: We developed for them a one page modern website showing their activities and offers. We occupied the site with SEO to make it easy to their clients to reach them